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We give business owners and leaders the E D G E –
Engage . Develop . Grow . Excel .


At Tranziam, we partner with organisations, teams and individuals to create an engaging, development and growth focused culture that drives company and business success.  This is achieved through building creative and comprehensive solutions that shift the dial from potential to performance. We help organisations stimulate their employees to Engage, Develop, Grow to achieve measurable results and Excel.

Tranziam Gives Businesses the E.D.G.E

Dynamic Employee Engagement solutions that will increase business profitability, productivity, sales and customer service.

Developing women colleagues to be the very best that they can be through innovative, impactful Soft and Behavioural Skills interventions.

Grow current and future leadership by developing the right skills to  lead and motivate others to achieve the vision and goals of the organisation.

Building Excellence through people capability enabling them to deliver the right results in the right environment for extraordinary business success.

We strongly believe in developing and supporting individuals and organisations to achieve their goals.  Our Consultancy Services and Customized Programs are highly participative and engaging as we deploy a combination of training, coaching, mentoring and practical implementation through projects and assignments.

We’ll Ensure You Always Get the Best Guidance