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    Surge AHEAD

    Surge AHEAD focuses on the millennials and their educators; as today’s youth are tomorrow’s future and  well turned out youth will contribute positively to their own as well as the Society’s accomplishments.

    Institutions are made up of people, how individuals project themselves, in both their personal and academic lives, will ultimately impact the image of the institution as a whole. Projecting the right image for an academic institution is crucial for its own success as well as that of the students.


    “When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees.

    When  planning  for life,  train and educate people.”

    –  Chinese Proverb

    The benefits of Surge AHEAD are

    • Higher Self-Esteem and Enhanced Self-Confidence
    • Makes one Open and Confident; body language speaks louder than words in making an impression
    • Attitude shines through everything we do, show a positive and approachable attitude always
    • The key to a good impression is to present yourself appropriately, as it is said a picture is worth a thousand words
    • By being your authentic self you feel more confident, helps build trust, and earn respect
    • Makes it easy to face interviews and display the much required social skills
    • Leads to teamwork that adds a variety of valuable skills such as accountability, time management and communication skills

    In today’s times it is a well proven fact –

    Personal Brand = A + B + C + D

    • Appearance
    • Behavior
    • Communication
    • Digital Presence

    We help you create your Personal Brand.

    Our aim is to build a nexus between the Hard Skills and Soft Skills. The hard skills come from the Academic Curriculum that we link with the Softer Elements of behaviour.


    Picture1Our workshops deploy a combination of interactive training and learning techniques like – Anecdotes, Self-Assessment, Videos, Role-plays, Discussions and Power Point Presentations.

    We provide a holistic development on various elements of  Behavioral Skills, Social Skills and Etiquette, Interpersonal Skills Image, Personality and Presence, Soft Skills, Life Skills and Use of Social Media.

    We understand the expectations of the Corporate world and work with the participants to prepare them for a smooth transition from Campus to Corporate. Our programs empower the youth with the right tools and set them up for success.

    Some Of Our Programs

    Our programs are specially designed for students and faculty that aim at  enhancing their Personal Brand and Presence.

    Raising Self-Esteem and Enhancing Confidence

    Nothing can be a bigger hinderance in one’s growth than low self-esteem and confidence level; this program works on correcting thinking distortions and elevating confidence.

    First Impression / Right Image Is The Only Image

    You never get a second chance to create a first impression; in this workshop we focus on the elements of creating and sustaining the right image.

    Facing Interviews and Effective Resume Writing

    This interactive workshop prepares students for showcasing their skills and talent while facing Viva, Interviews or representing the school at events.

    Effective Communication

    93% of the communication is without words and that is what we work on in this workshop – Verbal, Vocal and Body Language elements.

    Social and Dining Etiquette

    Practicing the right etiquettes for the right occasion has become vital in todays world and this program helps students learn the finer nuances of it.

    Accountability and Perception Management

    This program works on creating a better version of YOU through taking personal accountability and managing perceptions.

    Time Management / Work Life balance

    Too many balls to juggle and cannot afford to drop any is the constant struggle in every professional’s life. Our program provides insightful tools to successfully deal with this constant dilemma.

    Difficult Conversations

    Our program works on this unavoidable part of our professional lives that needs dealing with a balanced and pragmatic approach.