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Engage: Employee Engagement Magic

Employee engagement is unlocking employee’s potential to drive high performance.  It is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to their organization, and put discretionary effort into their work.

All research demonstrates that when employees are engaged, improvements occur in practically every organizational metric there is. Companies with engaged and passionate employees see higher profitability, increased customer loyalty, enhanced productivity, reduced turnover, and lower absenteeism.

According to a recent study by Gallup, organisations with a high level of engagement compared to those with a low-level engagement, experience:

2.5x Greater Revenue Growth

2x Annual Net Income

18% Higher Productivity

24% Higher Net Promoter Score

12% Higher Customer Advocacy

40% Lower Employee Turnover

50% Less Absence Days

62% Fewer Accidents at Work

At Tranziam, we are passionate about partnering with Business Owners and Leadership to build a sustainable culture of employee engagement so that every employee falls in love with their organisation and can thrive and develop to be the best they can be, deliver high performance, have increased loyalty and are actively and passionately engaged to achieve business success.


Our Solutions

Whether you are looking for an end to end solution, need to kick-start your existing engagement plan or would like one on one support, we have the right solution for you:

Engagement Fitness Plan

A comprehensive Employee Engagement Fitness Plan for your organisation where we partner with you to design, build, and support the implementation of your employee engagement strategy.  This is an ideal end-to-end solution for any organisation starting out on its employee engagement journey.

Engagement Shots

One off’ Employee Engagement Shots in the form of highly participative workshops and interventions that will give your current engagement plan a ‘kick’. 

Covering a range of different topics chosen from our existing Engagement Shots ‘Menu’ or can be specifically designed to meet organisational needs.

Engagement Mentoring

This personalised approach builds the confidence and capability in leaders that will enable them to develop Employee Engagement Strategies and Plans that are meaningful, impactful, and sustainable.

Mentoring or Coaching sessions can be delivered one on one or adapted for small groups.

As all our interventions are fully customised based on the needs of our clients, we are always delighted to fully customise a bespoke program that is right for you and your business.