Storytelling – We All Like to Hear Stories


Stories have fascinated the human beings through the ages. The methods of storytelling have changed or evolved, however the yearning to tell and hear stories remains unaffected, and still greatly impact our perspective towards most facets of life.

In today’s times the secret to making a good presentation or capturing and holding the audience attention lies in Storytelling. A good presentation keeps the audience engaged from the start to the finish, however, this as we all know is easier said than done. It is the most natural thing for our minds to meander, the fact is that our mind wanders or daydreams on an average about 2000 times a day for about 14 seconds each time. Wow, That is a lot !!

Storytelling is an enormously powerful tool and here are 5 tips for you to make your presentations impactful via stories –

  1. Understand your audience

The story you pick should be pertinent to the point you want to make or highlight in your presentation. Just tossing a story in for the sake of it is futile and, on the contrary, will offset the purpose. The story needs to appeal to the audience, to their needs and touch the right chord. In short, it needs to resonate with them. They should be able to relate their problem to the story you are telling.

  1. Something needs to happen

In order for a story to captivate your audience something needs to happen, there needs to be some sort of conflict or action or even slight drama, and in your presentation your character should overcome the problem or struggle they are facing. The contrast in a story creates drama. Your audience current frustrations can be contrasted with the bright future that is ahead

  1. Create drama & suspense

Sometimes go against the conventional approach of every good story needs a beginning middle and end. Sometimes, a resolution or an end isn’t always needed to complete a story. It is good to leave your audience hanging and can create suspense & drama. It can be especially beneficial when you’re trying to exemplify a point in the presentation.

  1. Make emotional connections

Emotions enhance retention. Don’t be afraid to be human and show emotion. Showing your vulnerability to the audience will create a deeper connect and understanding, arouse empathy, and be extremely persuasive and convincing. Think about what you want the audience to feel and speak from your heart.

  1. Give Details

A story should include specifics, names and relatable characters – give details. The details are what help to create a picture in the minds of your audience. Stories are more about images and feelings they create than words. When you can see the story happening you get the best impact and it stays with you for very long.  The tiny details can strike a chord and bring your story to life. Use imagery to make your story unforgettable.

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