Own Your Own Development

develop your development

There was a time when Careers used to move themselves, people used to join a job and retire from it after thirty plus years of service; but today we are responsible for moving our careers in the direction we want them to go. Today, we need to have new skills, new rules, and new tools if we don’t want to be tagged as stagnating or obsolete. You need to invest in your personal value and own your development.

Managing your own learning and development has always been important and has many benefits – growth, progression, learning new skills, gaining experience, and attaining new knowledge. A development plan helps create pathway to achieve your goals, aspirations, and desired lifestyle.

Here are 6 not so difficult steps to Own Your Own Development

  1. Feedback and Self-Awareness

Feedback is a gift that creates a strong sense of self-awareness so learn to appreciate it. When you get constructive feedback, see it as an opportunity to better yourself. Lack of self-awareness is the biggest career staller so don’t just wait to receive feedback, seek it actively.

  1. Map out your objectives

Get clear about where you want to go next.  Answer for yourself and Basis the answers develop your goals :

What roles did you have greatest success and fun in?

What does that tell you about the common characteristics of roles where you thrive?

What’s next for you?

  1. Coaching and Mentoring

Having the opportunity to have someone independent to discuss your career challenges and aspirations gives you the ability see yourself from a different perspective and get support from someone who’s been there, done that.

  1. Networking

Networking within your profession is beneficial for many reasons. It can help you get exposed to new ways of doing things, gain examples or ideas or find a new role. Also keep in touch with your old workmates – it’s such a small world, you never know when you’ll need their help or a reference

  1. Mindset

Instead of avoiding challenges (fixed mindset), embrace them (growth mindset). By believing that you can develop your ability through hard work and dedication (applying a growth mindset) you will achieve things you never thought were possible.

  1. Personal Accountability

The final and most important tip is to hold yourself accountable. Set aside time in your calendar once a week, fortnight, or month to focus on your development.  A small investment of your time today will lead you to unlocking your full potential and getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

At Tranziam our vision is to ignite the passion, inspire the dream and unleash the potential in every individual so that they can be the very best version of themselves. Whether you are an individual looking to improve yourself, an Educational Institution looking to support your Students and Faculty or an Organisation looking to develop your colleagues on their professional journey, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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