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    Creating Connect are “people skills.” The term describes those personal attributes that indicate a high level of Emotional Intelligence that affect relationships, communication, and interaction with others.

    Optimism, common sense, a sense of humour, empathy and the ability to collaborate and negotiate are all important people skills. It is Situational awareness and the ability to read a situation as it unfolds to decide upon a response that yields the best result for all involved.

    The benefits of Creating Connect are:

    • Builds more relationships that helps us land a job, advance in the job and make new friends by
    • Leveraging relationships
    • Improves our Interaction And Decision Making as interacting with people belonging to various roles, industry, domains etc makes one learn decision making from others’ experience
    • Interpersonal skills of a person play very important role in developing leadership skills as they learn to handle varied situations
    • Being able to work in large groups inadvertently develops and advances one’s communications skills
    • Better career options and growth as most organizations look for individuals with tactical, skill set and the ability to influence people to get things done
    • Enhanced quality of life / happiness as getting along with people opens up many personal and career-related doors and gives a better outlook on life

    Creating Connect is a series of programs that Tranziam offers to empower individuals to build a healthy relationship with one’s own self in order to create lasting and enriching relationships with others. Working your way from within yourself to the outside world creates a harmony that leads to positive rapport and bond that eases a lot of unwanted pressure on the mind.

    Our personality traits and interpersonal skills define the degree of success in almost any job and relationship we have. Creating Connect strives to build all associations that enhance the quality of life in every sphere.

    Creating Connect

    We are a sum-total of our beliefs, prejudices, values, traits, skills, knowledge and social role. A lot of these start forming within us during our formative years and influence our attitude, behaviour and interaction at a conscious and unconscious level. They underpin many of the successful and lesser successful aspects of our lives.

    The good news is we can work on any or all of these if they are blocking our way to success in our personal or professional relationships. All we need is awareness through training and mentoring and putting that into practise consistently.

    Some Of Our Programs

    Our Programs help tailor your behaviour and lead it to influence others as Great interpersonal and communication skills really do take people to the next level

    Emotional Intelligence

    Monitor your own and other people’s emotions and maneuver your  thinking and behavior to greater results.

    Attitude for Altitude

    Adopting a positive attitude as a way of life that helps you cope easily with the day to day living, overcome thinking distortions and negative thoughts

    Conflicting Conflicts

    Unmanaged or poorly managed conflicts generate a breakdown  in trust and lost productivity. Learn to recognise and deal with disputes in a rational and effective manner.

    Let’s Get Interpersonal

    Hard skills of a job can be learnt, however it is the interpersonal skills that make a real difference and bring you closer to the actualization of your professional goals.

    Communicate to Connect

    Use non verbal skills and body language efficiently and effectively to communicate as well as understand others better.

    Influential Influencing

    Being able to influence others in the right way is a real skill. Learn  how you can always get to that ‘win-win’ situation and improve your overall performance and self-esteem.

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