The colour of the clothing that you wear conveys a very strong psychological message.  For example, have you ever noticed that you are often more formal to somebody who is wearing a black pinstriped suit compared to somebody who is wearing a beige colour suit?  Colour can affect our reactions to people as the effect is very subtle but very real.  This is because colour can sway the perception, judgment, and behavior in another person as it has the psychological power to influence emotion.

Therefore, managing the impact the color of our clothes is important as it is often one of the first things people notice about you, especially from a distance.

Using the emotional effects of color can give you a psychological advantage in everyday life, particularly within a business environment.

Here are some top tips on how to influence using colour as per the need of the situation:

  1. To appear professional, wear medium to dark colours such as navy, charcoal, grey, dark blue, grey-beige or black. These colours appear serious and are therefore business-like.  They suggest efficiency, strength and assertiveness and give the impression of commitment and capability

  1. To appear less intimidating, wear earth tones and pastels in particular yellow and pink. Earth tones appear friendly and approachable whilst pastel colours are calm, gentle and non-threatening.  Yellow appears posive and friendly whilst a bluish-pink is calming and appears non aggressive

  1. To look successful, wear rich but subtle sophisticated colours (not strong or neon colours) such as camel, butternut, burgundy, salmon and blue-grey. These create the impression of having social influence and clout along with properity and economic success

Of course are a many other colour combinations you can use to:

  • Appear friendly and approachable
  • Look authoritative
  • Appear less intimidating
  • Appear trustworthy
  • Attract attention
  • Downplay attractiveness
  • Appear creative and forward-thinking.
  • Appear calm and reassuring

So next time you are putting an outfit together, think about the message that the colours are giving.  By managing the impression you give you can change the way you are perceived and  let others see the positive qualities in you.  Without doubt, colour psycology is a simple but very effective tool to create and enhance your image.

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